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Easter intensive teacher training course | Salento, Puglia | April 19th – May 3rd 2019

EASTER INTENSIVE TEACHER TRAINING COURSE April 19th – May 3rd 2019 Salento, Italy Csen | Yoga Alliance RYT 250 PLUS e RYT 500 PLUS Dive and live the moment of the life you’re living Early Bird discount valid till January 31st 2019 The Odaka Yoga RYT Teacher Training PLUS Course comes from the [...]

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Insight, Inspiration, Integrity | This moment is life

This moment is life. There is no better moment to be happy: now! To be exactly in this moment, doing exactly what we are doing without worrying about the result. [We must] hold dearly every single instant, knowing that this second will never return. This moment is life. And when it passes, it dies. There [...]

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The space of Being and awareness

Shiva as space reflects a practical Yoga Teaching; To realize peace and presence, we need to make room for space, physical space and the space of being and awareness. We learn to realize space through a physical experience, every time we create space in our joints, letting go tension and compression, before entering a pose. This [...]

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Insight, Inspiration, Integrity

Seeing the yoga posture as it is In order to see the asana as it is, grounding our awareness in ourselves, cannot interfere with or force the body and mind in reaching the pose. The body breaths out, and we feel it. The body breaths in, and we feel it. What do we feel? We [...]

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Freedom from ‘I want’

A man once told Buddha, "I want happiness." The Buddha replied, "First remove 'I', that's identification, Ego. Then remove 'want', that's desire. And now all you're left with is happiness. Yoga should be a tool to free the mind from ‘I want’ to rediscover that we’re happiness. Otherwise, we are drowning in identification for all time. [...]

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Just feel, only feel instead of over thinking!

Whenever in our daily yoga practice or Yoga teaching we are engaged in thinking, we are not aware. We forget ourself. Awareness and forgetting ourself are opposites. Let’s come back to awareness of body and mind. The way to begin the yoga practice and teaching is to become aware of oneself.  In Odaka Yoga® there [...]

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A quiet mind of a contemporary warrior | Vol 1

Over thinking and over analysing separates the mind from the body. There is a beautiful concept in the Yoga Sutras, Parinamavada, the understanding that constant change is an inherent part of the cause and effect nature of life. To step into Parinamavada we use the concept of moving from the centre (tanden), expressing circular movements. [...]

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