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Y-Zone Wellness (HK) Limited

Y-Zone Wellness (HK) limited  is an original and innovative vision of yoga though respecting a millennial tradition. A full-spectrum approach to embodying life with awareness, happiness and empowerment.

When Gilbert Ng, joined Odaka Yoga®, founded by Roberto Milletti and Francesca Cassia, a vision was born: to create an universal approach and unity of purpose within the Y-Zone  creating  an international network of exchanges and events in common.

Y-Zone Wellness (HK) limited, leads by the two Directors, Gilbert and Roberto, is the first of its kind in China. It quickly rose to one of the busiest studios in China and created an amazingly inspiring community.

In the 3 years of its operation Y-Zone has grown to open 5 successful Cooperate Yoga Center in China:
• Passion Yoga Wellness Center: Lan Tai Branch: 6F Lan Tai Square , Min Zu Xing North Street, Xing Qing District, Yin Chuan, Ning Xia, China
• Passion Yoga 2 Yi Zhong Branch: Ju Ran Zhi Jia, Bao Hu Road, Xing Qing District, Yin Chuan, Ning Xia, China
• Santi Yoga Wellness Center: 50F Xinhua international No.27 Minquan Road Yuzhong District Chongqing China
• Urban Yoga: Hai An Road, Lian Shui, Jiang Su, China
• Union Yoga: Lv Jing A, Huan Cheng Dong Lu 360#,Wen Zhou, Zhe Jiang, China

Our Teachers and Team are among the highest qualified in the country.

Our teacher trainings are powerful courses, very thorough and well supported. We develop the teacher personally so they can be powerful in front of a class.

Three things you may not know about Y-Zone

  1. internationally acclaimed in China
  2. with more than 500 teachers keen on to grow the Y-Zone Community
  3. our team is the highest standard for delivery of yoga style throughout the country

Gilbert Ng

From Ahimsa to International Acclaim – the story of Gilbert Ng, founder of Yzone Wellness (HK) Internationally renowned yogi, Gilbert Ng, has been a practicing yogi for over 20 years and counting. He has a martial arts background having trained in Chinese martial arts from the age of 7 to 17 before embarking in yogic practices.

Gilbert’s introduction to yoga started when he was practicing Vippasana meditation at Malaysia’s reknowned Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur at the age of 22. Faced with joint problems due to his vigorous martial arts training at a young age, a senior meditation facilitator at the temple introduced him to the practice of yoga conducted by Indian yogis at the temple.

After his first few Yoga sessions, there was no looking back and Gilbert pursued yoga passionately, training both locally and overseas. Gilbert’s practice is strongly founded in both the traditional Ashtanga style and modern vinyasa having practiced with countless international yoga gurus.

His most memorable experience was meeting a sanyasin in Nepal whose words of advice have inspired him in his approach to his personal practice and teaching philosophy to this day. Gilbert’s personal yoga philosophy is that to truly experience yoga, one needs to know both the anatomy and physiology of each and every asana through the control of breathing.

Gilbert’s hope for each and every student that comes to practice on his mat is that through their practice, and his guidance, each and every one of his students will have a balanced, healthier and happier life. His teaching techniques is strongly based on the physiology of yoga and the practice of Ahimsa ( compassion) for one self.

According to Gilbert, practicing Ahimsa towards one’s self, is of utmost importance as we all need to honor our bodies limitations and slowly work on our bodies without incurring unnecessary injuries through the practice of yoga.

For the past 10 years, Gilbert has been expanding his teaching career to the People’s Republic of China. He has come a long way from his first teacher training course (ttc) which was only attended by four students. His honesty and earnestness in teaching yoga from his heart has attracted thousands of practitioners in China since then. Gilbert does not believe in relying on the reputation of other yoga gurus and prefers to teach straight from his heart through open and honest sharing from all the years of his personal practice.

He is a much sought after yoga trainer conducting over 25 ttc’s annually and appearing in countless television interviews and demonstrations in China.

He is an active part Of Odaka Yoga Teacher especially in training Gilbert was the only Malaysia panel of judges and trainers at the Hong Kong International Yoga Competition. He is also a main player in the yoga industry who sits on the advisory and consultant board as Chief Consultant and Chief Trainer of over 20 centers in the mainland.