In-Defence’ the Way of the Urban Warrior 

Calm Strength

What is calm-strength and how do we cultivate it?

The Urban Warrior lifestyle must consist of the balancing of the spirit, mind and body. The key to this balance is to reach the state of calm mind.

We do need that calm-strength in today’s modern life, don’t we? 

Your personality is the foundation of inner-power

When we stop defending ourselves from our habits and old patterns, we reach a state of calm mind and inner strength can be attained. 

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter if someone is thought of as weak or timid; they can still grow and achieve the inner strength necessary to overcome any of life’s challenges. 

Challenges should be thought of as opportunities, because that is exactly what they are. Without challenges, we cannot attain inner power. This makes challenges essential to growth. When we give into challenges without any fight, we embrace the empowerment. 

Empowerment unfolds in each of us, moment to moment. Empowerment is constantly arises in the present.

When we resolve to overcome any obstacle, we become powerful in a state of peaceful, mindfulness mind.

A calm mind cannot be disturbed by confusion, hesitation, doubt, or fear.

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