Stand your Ground and Be Solid on your Feet

Life throws us many things that can take us away from our center, maintaining emotional balance is essential.

You can do this by grounding yourself.

Being totally present depends on your ability to be grounded directly in your actual experience, in what is happening now.

Be grounded means that we are down to earth and don’t have our head in the clouds.

Grounding consists to bring a person back in contact with the present moment,  in contact with the body, the action, the psyche, and It’s about being in your senses, over and over. Being with what is really there. 

Being with your actual experience.

Being able to keep your awareness on the here and now.

Physical grounding is the process where you focus your senses and become aware of your surroundings.

Whenever you feel emotionally overwhelmed, you can regain stability by getting in touch with mother Earth.

Our center is our inner nature, or connection to Soul. It is that part of the self that remains ever-steady through the ups and downs of our life.

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