Under pressure? Discover the Observing Mind

Under steady, ceaseless pressure of social conventions and the seductive comforts and distractions of modern life and technologies, this natural drive for enjoying life might, in most cases, seemingly disappear or significantly decrease in consciousness.

Nowadays, more than ever, there is too much mind in our actions. It is not at all easy to control the mind. We don’t completely control the “Thinking Mind.” If your mind is thinking, then who is observing the mind thinking?
There is something in every one of us that transcends time and space and reconnects to innate joy. That which is the fluid mind called the “Observing Mind.” Most of our psychological and emotional stress happens because we don’t recognize the difference between the thinking mind and the observing mind.

Instead of saying, I am distressed, say, I feel distress.

Instead of saying, I am afraid, say, I feel afraid.

Instead of saying, I am afraid, say, I feel afraid.

Let your mind flow. You can face life with a calmer, quieter disposition. This allows you to be rooted yet ready to transform and adapt.

Don’t think. Embrace the moment, FEEL!


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