GLOBAL MEDITATION and SOUND HEALING | 4 Aprile 2020 | Collegamento con USA




Purpose of this Experience On April 4, thousands of people all over the world will join together to meditate, unite our energy, and gather our innermost wisdom and light into order to raise the vibration of the collective conciousness. We’ll send healing energy to those who are already sick and need our support, as well as to the workers on the front lines risking their lives. Lastly, we’ll collect, contain, and stregthen our own vital energy in order to spread this light to all. Format This is a live stream experience via Zoom & Facebook Live featuring 11 presenters from 11 locations around the world. There will be registration for Zoom and with limited spaces (either 300 or 1000, still sorting this out). Anyone else may watch on Facebook Live.

15-min Session: 3 minute intro – your name, your nationality, your message.

WHY is this time so important? 11-minute guided meditation (yoga teachers) or Sound Healing (musicians) of your choice (pranayama is ok) & some silence so please give everyone space with no talking. Have your closing message in this time frame.

1 minute ending: What does it mean to be a SoulJour? What’s your definition? (remember, it’s short for Soul Journey, pronounced Soldier) When Saturday, April 4 from 8-11:11am PST.

In order to accommodate all time zones, we will start in the far east and work backwards in this order (All times in PST). Note: these times don’t reflect 1 minute introduction to next presenter.

This schedule is still WIP.

A final schedule will be sent by Wednesday.

We realize the timeline is tight – use your time wisely!

8-8:15am: Welcome & Housekeeping / Ashley

8:15-8:30am: Swamiji Blessing

8:30-8:45am: China / TBD

8:45-9am: India / Deobrat Mishra I

9-9:15am: Italy / Roberto Milletti & Francesca Cassia

9:15-9:30am: Spain / TBD

9:30-9:45am: Morrocco / Zephyr Wildman

9:45-10am: Brazil / Aline Fernades

10-10:15am: New York, USA / Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman

10:15-10:30: Mexico / Eduardo Ballasteros

10:30-10:45: Los Angeles, USA: Saul David Raye & Jim Beckwith (residing in Italy)

10:45-11: Sydney Australia / Emmanuelle Brown

11-11:11am: Closing / Ashley

Spreading the word

Ashley will email all presenters graphics to use for social media. Please spread the word to ALL your channels every day this week! E-newsletter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, direct texts/calls/ emails. We will feature each of you in our daily eblast all week. Afterwards, we’ll send an email to all participants following up with how people may find you and take your classes.

Please tag @iamsouljour #iamsouljour #444globalmeditation #weareone

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