Teachers training Odaka Yoga Teachers RYT 500 PLUS & RYT 760

Teachers training Odaka Yoga Teachers RYT 500 PLUS & RYT 760 2020-06-09T11:58:30+02:00

The Odaka Yoga RYT 250 PLUS level 2, Teacher Certification Course is designed  to acquire a greater and deeper consciousness of yoga this course is based on 5 Modules during which you will gain confidence and skills to teach using a creative and flexible approach which allows for a free and contemporary yoga practice.

This is an ideal course for teachers, aspiring teachers and yoga students who wish to gain greater knowledge in the art of alignment and their own personal practice.

This course offers tools  to create personalised sequences according to each students’ needs while practicing certain asanas and alignments and ensuring the safety of the student by avoiding muscular, skeletal and tissue damage.



This course allows for the completion of 5 Modules throughout a maximum of two years in order to become RYT 500 certified. Permission for single Master attendance. After completion of each Master class, students will be granted an Odaka Yoga Diploma which is internationally recognized by Yoga Alliance and in Italy by the CSEN (member of CONI) and the student will become part of the Odaka Yoga Official Roll.
Please note: in order to obtain the Yoga Alliance certification, students must complete all four Masters in the RYT 250 course.

Course Content


The “Fascia Flow” training introduces the important role of the connective tissue in movement. This latest science which now rocks the movement world is introduced on a level that is easy to understand.
This training explores the lates research on connective tissue and how it applies to movement

Fascia is a complex network of connective tissue that lies just beneath the skin.
Fascia has a key role to play in the everyday healthy functioning of the body.

Our fascial body suit adapts to the changes of load that is placed on the body, it stretches and shifts in the direction that we move.  Through the movement of the fascia, it remodels the collagen network, which in turn molds to the body and gives the bodysuit tone.

When we reach a state of calmness and mindfulness our muscles and connective tissue are much more responsive to working.

The slow, rhythmic tempo provided by “Fascia Flow” allowing us to get past resistance in the fascia and work the muscles more effectively, stretch the entire fascial fabric in ways that conventional stretching doesn’t.

Healthy fascia is elastic and resilient. It helps improve movement performance and assists, to a large extent, with injury prevention.

Come inside and explore the wide matrix of the fascial web and its relationship with Odaka and its Flow.

Table of Contents
1. Meet Fascia
2. Discovering the Body’s Wisdom
3. Going deep into the major fascial lines.
4. How to re-pattern the body and mind
5. How we should move and flow

Greece | Paros Island – August 02 – 09, 2020



This module aims to provide yoga teachers with the theoretical and practical bases to be able to offer “trauma-informed” yoga lessons, that is, suitable for those who, having a traumatic history, support sessions with dedicated attention. The information is also useful in non-traumatized lessons, to take increasing attention of why it is important to use a certain type of language and in which contexts, becoming an increasingly aware yoga teacher.

Module subjects
• Importance of a “trauma-sensitive” practice
• Difference between Yoga Trauma Therapy and Informed Trauma practice
• Trauma overview: definition and a short history of the diagnosis of Post Traumatic Disorder
• Basics of attachment theory, trauma theory, and trauma neurobiology
• Informed Odaka and her bases already trauma. Pay attention to the importance of relationships, your role and the language used during the practice session
• The pillars of the informed trauma method
• Reflection on the “dynamics of power” during the yoga class
• Ethics of yoga Informed Trauma: the right practice inside and outside the mat
• Areas of application
• How to set up a yoga path for a specific group
• The vicarious trauma of the yoga teacher: recognizing him and protecting himself
• Informed teaching experiences about trauma



Advanced breathing techniques How to control the motion of inhalation and exhalation Awareness  and control of the breath, allows you to control your emotions Spinal breathing | advanced pranayama foundations Pranayama archetypes sequences | Detoxing, Regenerating, Harmonizing How to create a Pranayama sequence using the 3 categories Mastering  the breath

Assisi (Perugia) ITALY – December 29, 2019 – January 01, 2020

NEW YEAR |  Yoga Retreat and / or Teacher Training.

Yoga personal trainer methodology
How to prevent accidents on a muscular, skeletal and tissue level
Principles of alignment
Acquire a greater and deeper consciousness in the art of aligning oneself and being able to align students
How to use alignment learning to prepare the body
Comfort zone touch
Art of adjustment applied
How to create personalized work plan based on specific requirements

Setting up as a teacher
How to develop teaching skills
Learn about the art of language and power of music for teaching
Assist students in experiencing transformation
How to create interaction with the class
Learn to lead a class
How to become a successful teacher

Milano (Italy)  31 October – 01 November, 2020 | 7 – 8 November, 2020

*There is the possibility to participate also Online through the Zoom platform


Learn the Art of Sequencing in order to improve and expand creativity and harmony of movement throughout asanas.
Experience how transitions, energy flow and alignment principles transform every asana in mandalas.
Fusion between being centered and fluidity, where each yoga sequence becomes an important instrument to awake poetry and the power residing withing each one of us.

This Art of Yoga Sequencing course will provide you the knowledge, inspiration and the technique you need to create newer and well balanced sequences able to effortless flow conducting us in a state of emotional and physical well being.

To achieve a correct sequencing structure, we’ll work on comprehending how each pose builds up on another one, which muscles are involved, body bio-mechanics, what is the final goal and benefit of poses and what is appropriate for each yoga practitioner and student based on their ability level and their specific needs.

Take your practice to a whole new and upgraded level, improving and getting the skill to awaken the inner body intelligence that resides in everyone of us.

Let it flow: Let yourself flow and the body will follow through.

The 25 hrs of each sequencing weekend can add up to the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours for 250,500 or 760 RYT.

12|13 January 2019 Saturday 10.00-19.00, Sunday 9.30-18.00
23|24 February 2019 Saturday 10.00-19.00, Sunday 9.30-18.00

Single week end in early bird (before  25 nov 2019) 200€.  after the 25th nov cost  250€. (Both week end cost in early bird 400€ in early bird. After the 25th Nov 500€)


Our bodies are an extremely complex network of muscles, articular joints, fascia, ligaments, tendons, bones, other tissues and interconnected organs that work together with synchronicity and no interruptions. The human body has a natural and inborn ability to move in an integrated and functional way, but our daily modern life limits and prevents all of this. Rediscovering and using primordial movements that follow the Motor Archetype activates the nervous system and helps the entire physical and mental apparatus to enter its best and most optimal condition.. Based on 3 elements: 1. Flowing Proprioceptive Control: proprioception is the ability of perceving and recognizing the position of our own body in space and the state of our muscle contraction, even without sight support. Proprioception becomes extremely important in the complex mechanism of body movement control. 2. Functional Articular Mobility: visualizing and having the concept of movement as an integration instead of a segmented series of actions. In this concept of functional mobility power and extension/ stretch sustain the body more than compression. Bones act as internal spacer structural units instead of compression supporters. 3. Flow state of Mind: the art of letting go. To be the best possible version of ourselves putting all the possible attention we can give to our personal practice – regardless our ability to achieve what is usually said to be the perfect pose. Acting this way, we will start to enjoy and value life in each single moment instead of always waiting for the final set goal (most of the times finding ourselves disappointed when things don’t turn out the way we expected).

The 50 hours of this module are included and so can be added to the Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program. These hours are countable for the 500 PLUS and 760 RYT

Salto di Fondi – Latina (Italy) Martino Hotel:  October 31 – November 03, 2019


Designed to transform the idea of yoga and bring it to a deeper level of awareness
The Ultimate Warrior’s system is based on three pillars: self defense techniques, functional movement and traditional yoga postures. Once learned, “TUW” permits you to recharge and renew your body and mind, increase your life force, self-confidence and personal power in a very short period of time. This system seeks mastery in living through a refined ability to control the mind, emotions and fears. “TUW” does something special, it calms your mind, allowing you to live a fulfilling life in the midst of turmoil.When referencing Martial Arts, it is not in the traditional, combative or self-defense for personal growth usually seen in the discipline. We focus more on the “DO” as a way of understanding oneself where the real combat is to reach the point of not fighting but to add to the unity of negative and compassionate strengths.


“At the beginning the way is full of words
When we see the way
We forget the words ”
Lao Tse

A journey in which every moment of time allows us to observe, suspend, and let go. Return to the essence of gesture a, to the heart of every  word and movement and “perceive”, adapt, flow in the observation of what it is. A path in the beating heart of Odaka Yoga and in our intimacy, the  essence of every gesture and  instant: Grow as a teachers and as human beings, in the way of  essence, we rediscover our true Self.

“I want to be happy…
Remove the ego, remove I want, and stay with what is left. “

Assisi (Perugia) Italy – New Year |  Yoga retreat and / or Teacher Training

29 December 2019 | 01 January 2020

If you would like more information about the content of this program before registering for the course please email  Odaka Yoga at  info@odakayoga.com

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