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Why choose Odaka Yoga training

Choosing the Odaka Yoga Teacher training means going beyond traditional frameworks and acquiring a level of professional competence recognized and appreciated globally.

Our aim is to create highly competent teachers at both the technical and relational level, capable of inspiring the transformation their students are desiring.

An extremely proficient and highly educated staff of educators, including the founders of Odaka Yoga Roberto Milletti and Francesca Cassia, will guide you to assimilate the principles of anatomy, sequencing, and yoga philosophy. Simultaneously, you will receive the tools to grow in your awareness and ability to manage your practice on the mat–on a personal level and in the classroom.

The Odaka Yoga Teacher Training is not only designed for those who aspire to become yoga teachers, but also for those who are moved by the curiosity of deepening their knowledge of yoga philosophy and the desire to reach new goals in their personal practice.

Odaka Yoga is a lifestyle and way of thinking that echoes the lightness and fluidity characteristic of the ocean.

Are you starting now on the path to becoming a yoga teacher or are you already in possession of a certification? The Odaka Yoga Teacher Training can help you explore new horizons and perspectives with a range of courses tailored to your level.

Odaka Yoga is accredited by Yoga Alliance as a contining education school

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