“Back to the Roots” Yoga Fest at Kabak Valley on 8-11 June Turkey

Ready for a new Dream Adventure? Dream Yoga Fest | Kabak Valley Turchia 8 - 11 giugno 2017 “Back to the Roots” at Kabak Valley on 8-11 June! Back to the Roots program with more than 20 presenters and 50 classes will let you immerse in a spiritual journey while enjoying a stunning location right on the [...]

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Elysia 1st International Yoga Convention GREECE Amorgos 6-11 Aprile 2017

Elysia 1st International Yoga & Wellness Convention GREECE Amorgos 6-11 Aprile 2017 Twenty (20) honorary Yoga teachers from all over the world are invited to be the presenters while professionals from different areas of the Wellness field (nutritionists, life-coaches, therapists) are expected to join and contribute to this exciting opportunity of exchanging knowledge. to join [...]

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Grounding and grace masterclass @ yogaessential Milan

Made in Italy in the world ! Two international masters but very Italian ones and a very Italian and international project joined energy to create a collaboration. 3 masterclasses with Roberto Milletti and Francesca Cassia at Garibaldi77 and in collaboration with JustB ! Yoga & Pilates Studio Information and Registration

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Yoga Day Summit

Creating the beautiful future our hearts know is possible, requires us to make positive changes in our lives that support us to become more radiantly healthy, spiritually awake and passionately engaged. Yoga is a powerful path to do ALL of these. On June 21, 2016 — the UN’s International Day of Yoga — The Yoga Day Summit will [...]

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The warrior inner battle

This is the where the Warrior is fighting the real battle – within ourselves, over the distractions of the body, our emotions, and our thoughts. Sometimes we think it’s “out there”, that the world is doing “it” to us, whatever that is. But the battle is going on inside of us, in how we respond [...]

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Vairagya | Letting go for Urban Warriors

How an Urban Warrior can stay focused, calm and powerfull? The term “letting go” has become a catchword in Yoga world. It is true that “letting go” is crucial for rediscovering the inner freedom, but why is letting go so difficult? Let go of our clinging. Let go of the motivating desire behind whatever we’re [...]

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Hips Anatomy Flow Masterclass @Cityzen Milan | May 27th

Dive into the meaning of biomechanic, wave motion and hips flow with Francesca Cassia and Roberto Milletti. A masterclass born from a collaboration with  CityZen, an oasis of peace  in Milan city  hearth . Info: email if you are an Odaka Teacher email for your special offer

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Be a teacher, a leader!

It’s important to remember as a teacher that we are just a channel of student energy during a class When we teach a yoga class we develop a relationship with each and every student and we also help to create the class energy […]

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